• "The Zen of Snug offers a panoramic view of Thayer's diverse personal and musical histories...his latest and perhaps most complete record to date" - Seven Days
  • "the richly layered album that rewards repeated listens" - Times Argus
  • "Bow Thayer is a New England treasure"- The Alternate Root
  • "The songs are gentle and light Appalachia blues, but make no mistake: They demand attention." - Berkeley Place
  • "Thayer’s lyrics reflect the confusion, pain and isolation of the last few years, but with an overall hopeful and uplifting look toward the future" - WRUV
  • "He may still be looking for a wider audience for his musical work, but we think he will finally reach that with this new album “The Zen Of Snug”. We wish him all the best because there is nothing negative to say about the quality of the songs he brings on this record." - Rootstime 


  • "Diehard fans of Bow Thayer will find 'A Better Version of the Truth' an enigmatic work. Is this a one-off venture into experimental rock music or the new direction he follows? For those unfamiliar with Thayer, but fans of experimentation, this album should be high on the list of music you want to purchase." - Rutland Herald
  • "It's like a Southern-fried Pink Floyd anthem, a rock opera that never needs to lean through the fourth wall and club you with a concept. Which makes it the perfect namesake for this cinematic ride of an album." - Seven Days
  • "The eight pieces herein feature a curious juxtapostion of memorable songs, grooves, folk, and Americana, with introspective and adventurous instrumental interludes tying everything together." - Expose


  • "The Source and the Servant is a tribute project, for sure, but every song here very much belongs to Bow Thayer. Whatever mix of woodshed practice, crossroad deals with dapper devils and guided ayahuasca ceremony it takes to make those blues your own, Thayer passed that point many moons ago." - Seven Days​
  • ​A "king of experimentation and crossing boundaries," "Bow’s uncanny ability to pay homage while making this collection something contemporary is where the magic lies." - Red Line Roots


  • "[Sundowser] doesn’t actually sound like anyone despite some of the familiar flavors that are apparent. And therein lies the talent of Bow Thayer.  This is like progressive-Americana music." - No Depression 
  • "On Sundowser, we hear a musician who is fully in charge, writing even better music than previously" - Vermont Today 
  • "Think of a jam between Dave Matthews, Frank Zappa and The Band – with a cameo from Bela Fleck – and you almost get the effect: virtuosic complexities from a remarkable instrumentalist" - American Songwriter 
  • "[Sundowser] is nothing short of exceptionally put together from the start to finish" - Bozeman Magazine 
  • “His latest music video for his track ‘So We Build’ is a representation of Thayer himself: bold, creative, and slightly enigmatic in the best way.” - Elmore Magazine 
  • "The creative vision is stunning and he will no doubt take Americana into new sonic territory" - Americana Music Show  
  • "Sundowser brings serious depth to everything from bluegrass and psychedelic rock to folk and prog-rock." - Seven Days  
  • Interview with VPR
  • "The music industry is generally a notorious energy consumer, using massive amounts of electricity to power the studios, amps and instruments that create the music we love. But in the tiny town of Stockbridge, Vermont, Bow Thayer is doing things differently." - Sierra Club


  • The Alternate Root's Top 20 Bands Pushing The Envelope and Top 100 Albums For 2013 - "Thayer writes deep, heavily textured music with complex layers both sonically and lyrically and has the band and the chops to pull it all together." - The Alternate Root 
  • “It says something special about an artist when the legendary Levon Helm plays drums on your previous recordings” - Twang Nation
  • "Think early Wilco with a broader sound or a modernized version of The Band and you've got an idea of Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck's M.O., but they definitely have their own distinct approach and delivery. It's full of vitality and soul. 'Modern backwoods music' (as someone labeled them) describes it pretty well." - Farce The Music 
  • "[Eden] is not an album many musicians outside of Jim James would be willing to try." - Nine Bullets  
  • "Excellent all the way through... the best artist to come from New England in recent years" - American Songwriter  
  • "It’s sad that the Band is no longer, that the Grateful Dead are history. But, anyone who enjoyed the fruits of those musicians for all those decades needn't look far. There are students of that tradition with the right balance of ingredients and understanding of what those musicians had invested their time in. Bow Thayer continues, highly regarded, in that vein." - No Depression
  • “Bow Thayer is the epitome of the ‘songwriter’s songwriter.’” - Seven Days 
  • “Bow Thayer is one of the Northeast's finest purveyors of Americana music.” - Seacoast Online 
  • “The sounds Mr. Thayer wrings from his electric banjo are off the beaten path and blazing a new direction.” - Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
  • "Shooting Arrows at the Moon" is one of last year's best Vermont releases. A campfire-friendly collection of stripped-down Thayer tunes recorded live and impromptu, the album delivers a pleasing glimpse into Thayer's serious songwriting skills and the magic of spontaneous performance when in the right hands." - Times Argus